Sunday, October 14, 2007

You're Going Back Home When????

"The end of July?"

I ask this to my Bosnian friend after he tells me this is when he will be returning home.

I chew my vegetable dumpling as I ponder this predicament. How will I be able to hook up with this guy for a substantial amount of time before he goes back in a month? Do I want to do this at all? He's so much younger than me (4 years), and, although he's very, very, very cute, will be GOING BACK TO BOSNIA!!!

I switch the subject by asking him about Bosnia. I decide that if I can't have a fling with him, I at least can forge a friendship that might result in a free place to stay if I ever go visit him.

I stay out too late on a work night. It's pouring out when we leave the restaurant (he paid), and by the time I get home I am soaking wet and mildly sad.

At least he's coming to my birthday party.