Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why The Ideal Guy Isn't Always Ideal

I grew up in a non-Jewish neighborhood. I grew up around a lot of non-white non-Jews. I am not your typical Jewish girl. I love rap and hip-hop music. Reggae is awesome. I do African drumming and dance.

Which is why I got all excited when I had a date with The Black Heeb.

Shackelbolt and I met on JDate. I was intrigued by his profile, and found out he had converted to Judaism two years ago. He said he was Modern Orthodox (uh-oh), but that he was very liberal (good).

We meet at a bar. He's cute. Tall. Good dresser. Wears a DC comics hat and a shirt that says NERD. Awesome.

Maybe he's not that religious. I know plenty of Modern Orthodox Jews who eat out at unkosher places. Maybe he's one of them!

He's not.

It becomes very clear to me that he wants to keep Shabbos and keep kosher in ways I am not prepared to.

But he also kisses me. A lot. So how religious could he really be?

I agree to a second date, even though I have some concerns in the back of my mind.