Monday, January 28, 2008

Just To Clear Things Up...

For my readers who might be confused....Mitch is the guy I went out with in the "A Nice Surprise" post. Just wanted to make things clear!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Can I Date a Guy 3 Inches Shorter?

Before I met Jack, I would have said no. But, surprisingly enough, I am now considering it after our date Thursday night.

I knew he was shorter than me before the date. I kind of figured that I'd give him a chance since we had been talking online for a while now, and he did ask me out, but I didn't want to commit to a weekend day, so I decided on Thursday for the date.

Boy was that a mistake!

We met for sushi by me (sooooo good). We shared most of the meal, yet remained independent with various parts of it. What came as a shock to both of us was the lack of sushi coma by the end of the meal. After chilling for a bit after the meal we decided to head out, but with no indication of where. After driving around for a bit, we headed back to my place.

Usually this would not happen, but neither of us wanted to drink, and all the coffee places were closed, so I gave up with my lack of ideas on how to hang out, and suggested my place.

Then I stated that I would be kicking him out when I was tired.

Which I eventually did.

And nothing happened! We came back here, talked for a bit (he insulted my wine pairing book, we showed each other the porn on our phone, we Googled know, the usual first date stuff), and then at 11:30 sharp I kicked his ass out :-)

We had an awkward kiss, what first date kiss isn't a tad awkward? I walked him out and bid him goodbye.

Today I did something totally unconventional (for me)...I texted him that I enjoyed last night and (shocking!) he texted me back! I also got an IM (but I was in the other room and missed him). Perhaps there will be a second date??? Fingers are crossed!

Celebrating Civil Rights, One Date At A Time

Monday was MLK Day, and I had date number two with Mitch, and while it was fun, there was some awkwardness.

Let me explain:

He came to me since it was cold as hell and neither of us really wanted to go out anywhere. He brought over "something that I would truly love" as well as a movie that he wasn't sure if I'd like, but he was going to bring it anyway. He brought over the best video ever: the highlights of the Mets 1986 Season.


The weird thing though, being a second date and all, you'd think I'd be less interested in the video and more interested on making out with him. But I wasn't. I really wanted to watch the video, and possibly the movie as well.

It is a little weird having thoughts of doing other things while making out with someone. The whole session was awkward. I don't know why. Perhaps I'm just nervous from being out of practice (although this hasn't happened before), or just nervous about him, but it was weird.

When we spoke after that night, he expressed how he really likes me and that no matter what happens (it is early you know) that he has already decided that we must be best friends (I totally agree). He may just be one of the funniest guys I have met lately, so I am totally down for being friends with him.

We'll see what happens...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen....

WE HAVE A SECOND DATE!!!! Details of the second date to follow in an upcoming post!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Nice Surprise

Saturday I had a date with yet another guy from JDate. We had spoken on the phone a few times (all good conversations) and emailed as well (also awesome and funny), but for some reason, on the way there I was dreading the date. I was expecting him to be just like most of the other guys I've met from JDate...nice online but a complete dumbass/jerk/sketch/awkward guy in person.

We meet at my favorite bar (Oh, EG how I heart you so), so even if the date sucks I know I will have good drinks, and he actually doesn't look like his picture. He looks better. Hmmmm, this could be a start....

He's funny. Like, really funny. So funny that I totally don't realize that the time is flying by ( we ended up being there for about 6 hours). He knows tons of movie references (and is equally impressed when I know them as well). He is well spoken, has an interesting sense of humor, and seems to be (gasp!) fairly normal.

The best part of the night: We were talking about the boundaries people set up for a first date about what they will or won't do with a person, and I was saying that I could kiss him but then if he didn't call me for a second date that I'd be annoyed, but if we didn't kiss and he did or didn't call me it would be no harm no foul. So, maybe 10 minutes later, he picks up his phone and says, "I'm so sorry, but will you excuse me while I...this is really important". I think he's checking his voicemail, when I hear "Hey Maggie, it's Ethan...I just wanted to ask you out on another date, but you are apparently busy, which is why you aren't picking up your phone, so just give me a call when you get this. I had a lot of fun tonight, and I hope you got home safe. Okay, talk to you soon."

Needless to say, we did kiss. And there will be a second date (not sure when, but it will happen).

Who Knew The LIRR Was The New Place To Meet Guys?

So, I met a guy on the train coming back from the Matzo Ball in the city on Christmas Eve. In true Maggie May fashion, I start talking to him and we exchange numbers (or he takes mine since my phone at that time decided to take a leap for freedom into the toilet bowl). We chat for a few weeks before we finally hang out.

Yeah...the reason why you shouldn't exchange numbers with random guys on the train coming back from a night of drinking and partying is because you tend to forget what the guy really looks like. This happened to me.

We decided to see a movie on Friday, and he picked me up. I got into the car and who I remembered in my head was not who was sitting next to me. He kind of looked like how I remembered, but not exactly, and not in the "better" direction.

It was awkward because the entire night I was trying to find out if he was Jewish. It wasn't until the end of the night that I found out he was, but it didn't matter at that point. No attraction was there, so I won't be pursuing this avenue.