Friday, January 25, 2008

Celebrating Civil Rights, One Date At A Time

Monday was MLK Day, and I had date number two with Mitch, and while it was fun, there was some awkwardness.

Let me explain:

He came to me since it was cold as hell and neither of us really wanted to go out anywhere. He brought over "something that I would truly love" as well as a movie that he wasn't sure if I'd like, but he was going to bring it anyway. He brought over the best video ever: the highlights of the Mets 1986 Season.


The weird thing though, being a second date and all, you'd think I'd be less interested in the video and more interested on making out with him. But I wasn't. I really wanted to watch the video, and possibly the movie as well.

It is a little weird having thoughts of doing other things while making out with someone. The whole session was awkward. I don't know why. Perhaps I'm just nervous from being out of practice (although this hasn't happened before), or just nervous about him, but it was weird.

When we spoke after that night, he expressed how he really likes me and that no matter what happens (it is early you know) that he has already decided that we must be best friends (I totally agree). He may just be one of the funniest guys I have met lately, so I am totally down for being friends with him.

We'll see what happens...