Friday, January 25, 2008

Can I Date a Guy 3 Inches Shorter?

Before I met Jack, I would have said no. But, surprisingly enough, I am now considering it after our date Thursday night.

I knew he was shorter than me before the date. I kind of figured that I'd give him a chance since we had been talking online for a while now, and he did ask me out, but I didn't want to commit to a weekend day, so I decided on Thursday for the date.

Boy was that a mistake!

We met for sushi by me (sooooo good). We shared most of the meal, yet remained independent with various parts of it. What came as a shock to both of us was the lack of sushi coma by the end of the meal. After chilling for a bit after the meal we decided to head out, but with no indication of where. After driving around for a bit, we headed back to my place.

Usually this would not happen, but neither of us wanted to drink, and all the coffee places were closed, so I gave up with my lack of ideas on how to hang out, and suggested my place.

Then I stated that I would be kicking him out when I was tired.

Which I eventually did.

And nothing happened! We came back here, talked for a bit (he insulted my wine pairing book, we showed each other the porn on our phone, we Googled know, the usual first date stuff), and then at 11:30 sharp I kicked his ass out :-)

We had an awkward kiss, what first date kiss isn't a tad awkward? I walked him out and bid him goodbye.

Today I did something totally unconventional (for me)...I texted him that I enjoyed last night and (shocking!) he texted me back! I also got an IM (but I was in the other room and missed him). Perhaps there will be a second date??? Fingers are crossed!