Sunday, October 14, 2007

Date Numero Dos (also known as the final one)

Ah, Manhattan. You make me have such odd experiences with men.

So, Daniel decides to show me how big of a hot shot he is, and invites me out for drinks and dancing at The Bowery Hotel. Not a big deal, since I've been there before, but it's still nice, and I get all fancy shmantzy in my black dress and heels. I feel awesome!

I always get nervous before getting to a place that I'm unfamiliar with. Will I be able to find where I'm going? Will I remember what the guy looks like? Will I be able to not look like an idiot while figuring the previous questions out?

I find him (thank goodness) and we have a few drinks. Yet again, the conversation is good, but there's still something I'm not sure about. Is it the fact that he's older? His build? I can't place my finger on it.

We, miraculously, get into the dance area without having to wait on the line. Wait a sec, we don't have to wait? What the hell is this? I'm not someone important enough to not wait on a line!

Then something freaky happens. We are dancing (he's soooooo white) and all of a sudden I feel dizzy. I excuse myself, run to the bathroom, and puke. I'm puking! What the crap? This is not normal. I ate dinner beforehand, didn't drink too much, and have been feeling fine. What's the matter with me?

Thank goodness for Listerine strips. Did you know that if you shove 5 of them in your mouth, no one will know that you just emptied the contents of your stomach into a toilet? Well, I guess if you are bulimic you knew, but not me!

I go back, switch to water for the rest of the night, and around 3am we head out.

Now the moment of truth. How am I getting home?

Daniel hails a cab. We get in, and I say my address. We get to my apartment, he pays for the cab (how nice) and walks me to my door. We then proceed into a full-on, hour long make-out session that, honestly, gets a tad graphic for being outside.

What's going through my head? HOW IS THIS GUY NOT NOTICING THAT I PUKED EARLIER? I mean, yay and all for Listerine strips, but how is he not aware that there is something terribly off about my breath?

Finally, I excuse myself, thank him for a wonderful evening, and go upstairs.