Friday, October 26, 2007

Hurry the Eff Up!

Speed dating!

What could be more fun than talking to a bunch of different guys for no longer than 4 minutes at a time? Nothing that I can think of!

After my TERRIBLE date on Saturday, I was very much in need for many short dates that would end in exactly 4 minutes. I figured if the guy was cute/nice/funny, they would "YES" me on their cards and I would do the same on mine, and we would eventually go out on a non-time-restricted date. If the guy was annoying, peace out homey!

The only downside to speed dating is the pool of men that show up. More than half were guys that I would not usually want to go out with...EVER. The few guys there who seemed like they'd be my type were okay, but only a few stuck out.

I picked 6 in total to say yes to (out of 14).

One guy (and honestly, the only one I was SUPER interested in) had a mutual match with me. I feel like I shouldn't give too much information about him just yet (being that we haven't actually gone out yet) for fear of jinxing what might happen.

BUT, I will keep you posted! ;)