Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Dates Yet, But.....

I have had some very interesting conversations with some guys from JDate recently...who knows if any of them will pan out into actual dates, but for now, it's all good.

Contestant #1: A dude I've been actually speaking to online for over a year now (possibly almost two...I don't really remember when we started). When we began speaking back in the day (which was a Wednesday, by the way), he was doing an internship/residency/whatever you do when you become a doctor in Atlanta. Nevertheless, we kept chatting. He seemed nice, and seemed to want to chat, so why not keep up conversation. A few weeks ago, he was online again after not being online in a while, and I IMed him. Turns out, he's back in NY finally, for good, so now we (technically) could meet up. Interesting...except for one issue...I don't remember his name! I'm hoping to avoid the awkwardness by giving him my number and asking him to call me, and then missing his call, and have him leave me a message STATING HIS NAME AT THE BEEP!

Also, with this "no-name guy", we have had nothing but proper conversations since we began speaking...until today. Out of nowhere, he got all dirty with me! It was kind of unnerving at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I was intrigued by him and his new found dirtiness.

Contestant #2: A guy who my roommate went out on two dates with, but I had forgotten that when I IMed him...he was the one who reminded me of the connection. We have been IMing since then, and the conversations lately have been getting more and more intense, and I think I may actually have to bring it up to my roommate that I'd like to go out with him. He interests me, but I don't think he'll end up being anyone long-term or anyone serious. He's very much like Drew in his love of being non-kosher, and isn't religious enough for me. But, if he's good in bed...

Contestant #3: An animator for a cartoon that I've seen once, who I spoke to the other day. He asked me out for dinner, but I had work to do for a class that night, so I gave him my number and told him to call me.

Which he has...three times...and hasn't left a message once.

How do I know it's him? SLYDIAL baby! Best...invention...ever!

The not-leaving-a-message thing is kind of annoying...I haven't been near my phone, or able to answer, when he has called, so it's not like I've been screening my calls. I really wish he'd leave me a message so I can call him back!

Contestant #4 (and by far, the cutest): a guy who, without my friend's help, I might not have ever made contact with. I saw him on JDate, and hotlisted him. He saw me, and instead of IMing me since I was online, he emailed me. I can't read any emails because I don't pay for JDate, so I asked my friend who does pay to email him for me. Now, I know this could have totally backfired on me, and he could have seen her and liked her instead. Thankfully, it didn't. He emailed me, and we have emailed back and forth a bit. He dared me to call him in his last email, and I did...just with slydial's help (I'm a wuss, I know). So, now I'm waiting for him to call me back.

Not-Really-Sure-If-He's-Even-A-Contestant #1: The reason why I'm not sure if he's a contestant is because it's a weird situation he and I are in. Here are the facts:
  • He and I met at a party that he and his (then) girlfriend came to.
  • He is in the same field of work that I am in, and we share similar interests regarding that field.
  • He and I became fast Facebook friends, and then moved our chats to IM.
  • He had been IMing me quite a bit recently and when I brought up his girlfriend, he told me they broke up (what???).
  • Ever since that conversation, he has still been IMing me, and has been venting his frustrations about the break up with me.
  • We have tentative plans to get food and drinks on Tuesday.
I'm a little concerned about Tuesday. I don't know what his intentions are...maybe he just wants to talk...maybe he wants to do something else. My gut is telling me the latter, but my brain (for some reason) wants it to be the first. He's not a Heeb, so there's no relationship that will stem from this. If he wants a fuck buddy, that's fine...he's hot, and I need to get laid. I guess I'll know the deal on Tuesday (especially if other people join us). I need to look hot :)

So, those are the candidates...let's see if any of them make future posts!