Sunday, October 5, 2008

Am I Invisible?

I ask this, because that's how I felt in the LAME experience that was my set up. I'm pretty sure that I can be seen by normal human beings, but the jury is still out on whether douchebags can see me. I had two invisible-feeling situations last night.

1) The actual set up. I got a text from my roommate saying that the guy was there, but that she thought he's really gay.

HUH? GAY? How could she set me up with a GAY guy?

Okay, maybe he's not gay...maybe she's overreacting.

I never got to find out if he's gay or not, because this was the exchange between us.

Him: Hi
Me: Hi
(we shake hands)
(he turns his back on me and goes back to hanging out with his friends)

I swear I'm not making this crap up...this is my life...

What bothers me most is that I find most of my roommate's camp friends to be kind of dickish towards me. I thought originally that it was because I didn't work with them at camp, and therefore, when they were in their "camp mode", they weren't open to meeting new people. But, now that camp is over, you'd think this would change.

But it hasn't.

They, like this guy (who I am SO tempted to reveal who he is because of his shitty behavior), completely ignored by presence. I haven't felt that awkward since high school.

2) There was this group of guys that cut the line to get into the bar (#1 reason why they are douchebags). While I was dancing with my friends (after the first incident, I went back to my friends), I saw this guy pull up his shirt to expose his not-so-sexy stomach. I made a face, and one of the guys in the douchebag group saw me, and came over to least, I thought he wanted to talk, but he didn't seem to understand anything that I said to him. It confused me so, and when he finally left, I went up to a complete stranger and asked him if I was speaking English and if he could understand me. This (normal) guy was able to understand me perfectly. Apparently I don't speak douchebag.

So, that's it on the set-up front...not sure when the next one is coming, but I'll take it if it does!