Sunday, June 15, 2008

A (Possible) Blast From The Past

Okay, so back in December I went to the Matzo Ball with my girlfriends in search of a Jewish guy. Of course I found the only non-Jew in the crowd, saw a couple of guys from JDate, ran into friends of my ex (Michael), and met a guy from Israel who ended up hanging out with me and my girlfriends all night.

This Israeli and I immediately hit it off. Another girl in the group was majorly hitting on him, and as a respectful female I didn't fight her for him. After all, he was just going back to Israel a few days later, and I wasn't really in the mood that night to hook up with anyone. I just wanted to dance and have a good time.

Towards the end of the night, the other girl left, and he and I were kind of alone to chat and whatnot. We ended up sharing a cab to Penn, and because I had broken my cell phone a few days before, he had to give his email to my friend.

We emailed a few times, but I haven't heard from him since...

Until Friday night.

Facebook is a wonderful site.

I check my email on Friday and it says "Random Israeli has added you as a friend on Facebook."


So, I go and add him as a friend, and then write on his wall, "Well, well, well...look who it is".

And the next day I get this email:

How are you??
We had a great time in Christmas so I could not be in the city again, with out finding you
Ill be around till the end of next week so we can maybe set something up (I would have called… but I don’t have your number)."

So, let me get this straight...this guy remembered me enough to find me on Facebook when he was in NY again 6 months later?

Who is feeling kind of flattered? THIS GIRL!

So, I emailed him back with my phone number, and the days I'd be able to hang out. He texted me later with his number and said he'd be here until Saturday and that's he'd call me later.

I guess we will see if this "getting together" ever happens!