Thursday, June 19, 2008

Deja Vu Sucks

I always do this...

I set up something with a guy I don't really know, and right before it happens, I start not wanting to go. Usually, the date/hanging out/whatever you want to call it goes smashingly well.

The Israeli and I haven't really spoken until tonight. We texted a few times, just to confirm days to hang out, but haven't really talked. I was beginning to think that Friday wasn't going to actually happen, and even made back-up plans with my gay boyfriend who I haven't seen in six months (and, honestly, would rather hang out with on a Friday night when I'm tired than the Israeli).

But then he called...and we have plans.

I should be excited, right? I'm feeling quite non-energetic. It's been a long week work-wise, and I'm exhausted. I'm not feeling well as I type this, so maybe that's why I'm feeling so unexcited about tomorrow.


We'll see how tomorrow goes...worse comes to worse, I feign sickness and head home (or bail on him wherever we go). After all, I will never see him again, right?