Sunday, June 8, 2008

Huh? What? Who?

Back in December (12/19 to be exact) I wrote a post about having fun messing with a guy's head who I would never sleep with...

How do these things happen?

Okay, so let me explain. This man in question is someone that under normal circumstances would never fool around with because he dated one of my friends. And, even though the sexual tension at times is intense, it's "sisters before misters" when it comes down to it.

Until she decides to hook up with one of his friends...while they all are at my, yeah.

Now, if you had asked me or this guy at, let's say, 3:00pm if we would have ended up having sex with each other 12 hours later, we both would have laughed. The idea seemed ridiculous to the two of us initially, but due to some wine/beer, a semi-short game of Truth or Dare (because we are back in seventh grade apparently), and the other two members of our small group hooking up, we were left alone, and we both were horny.

So we kissed.

It was okay...not terrible, not fabulous, but nice and after a while he kind of got the hint that I liked to be kissed a certain way. There was no crazy passion, but it was okay.

Then we moved to the bedroom. The other two did, so why not us, right?

Shirts came off...pants followed. He went down on me and even though I really wanted to be able to orgasm from that, he was just too fast with his tongue, and I couldn't enjoy it. I faked just so he would stop.

At one point I must have made a face that he noticed because he said to be, "What's that face for?" I replied, "It just occurred to me that I am just another notch in your belt. I know the way you talk about women, and I'm becoming one of those women that you just fuck and talk about to your boys."


The awkwardness passed after we both realized that we didn't care really about what happened after this encounter, that if the other two were getting their jollies why couldn't we, and we continued.

Good points: 1) he cums easily...not too fast and not too, he moans which was such a turn-on; 2) he is attracted to vaginas...he loves them (as well as breasts) and is willing to pay attention to them at all times; 3) the sex was good, and I came through that a bunch of times.

Not-so-good points: 1) his fingering sucks; 2)he snores; 3) there was absolutely NO passion, nor the feeling that I would want to sleep with him again.

The next morning he left early (thank goodness) and I haven't heard from him (not that I expect to since we don't have each other's numbers).

I'm glad that I had sex (even if it was with this guy). I needed to separate my last encounter with Dean from whomever I date next. This guy was the perfect person to be that separator. It's completely meaningless and felt (physically) good.

I'm also glad that after all the tension that it was okay. I didn't think it would be mind-blowing, and to be honest if it was I'd be disappointed that I wouldn't be able to have it again.

Now I'm ready for my summer of semi-celibacy :)