Monday, April 21, 2008


I believe when you break up with someone, usually there is a period of time in which you do not contact the other person in any way, shape or form. The reason for this "mourning" period, if you will, is so each person involved in the break-up can heal from the loss of the relationship.

I asked Dean for this when we first broke up. I explained to him, after he IMed me a mere 3 hours after the break-up, that if he wanted to be friends with me that I needed my time. I needed to get over the fact that what we had was not going to be anything permanent, and that being apart was, in fact, the best thing for both of us. He said that he understood, and (supposedly) gave me my space.

For a whole 4 days.

Yesterday, being the first day/second night of Passover, I received a text from him wishing me a happy Passover. Kind of ironic, I thought, coming from the person who shunned Judaism more than anyone I have ever met, but okay. I responded with a polite, "thanks, you too".

I thought that was the end of texts from him for a while.

I was wrong.

This morning, after waking up still feeling crappy from the allergy attack I had yesterday, I turned on my phone and hear 3 alerts that meant I had 3 text messages. "Who could possibly text me this much before noon", I thought as I went to check my phone.

This is what I found:
"just want to say hi and that i been thinking about u and what i did and maybe i was a dick about it. I miss u and i fucked up everything and I am sorry. I wish u luck. And i know i can't have u back but i hope some one can make u happy"


Let's pick apart what bothers me about this text (besides the fact that it was sent)

1) i been thinking about you: okay, that's great and all, but didn't YOU decide to end this?
2) I fucked up everything: great, at least you admit it
3) I miss you: you don't miss miss the idea of me. You don't miss the Jewish me, the person who loves traditions made by her family, and looks forward to times when she will partake in them with her family.
4) I know I can't have you back: this line irks me the most. Do you want me back? Why would you write this????

Now I sit here, totally clueless as to what the right thing is to do. Do I text him back something like, "I need space, stop texting me", or do I ignore him? Do I de-friend him on MySpace and Facebook to make a point? My friends' suggestions range anywhere from "don't text him back" to "text him back and tell him you need space".

I love having no clue what to do. It's awesome...