Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Non-published post #3

So, after SWEARING up and down, and left and right that we were going to WAIT to have sex...

(we had sex)

So, it all started with a PS2...he brought his extra PS2 over to my place because "he was going to be spending a lot of time at my place" at that justified giving me something worth over $100 after only 2 dates. After a few rounds of American Idol and Singstar, we ended up moving into the bedroom...and ended up having a crazy make-out session again. We decided to take a break and go to get some food (sushi again...what a shocker), and when we got back to my place we went at it again.

A lot.

So much, in fact, that before I knew it, we were having sex. And it was great.

To be brutally honest, there is something about this guy that makes my body do things I wasn't aware it could do. Like, get wet from a kiss. A mere kiss makes me feel like I need to change my underwear! Or that I become a freaking uber-sexual individual (which I never felt I was) in the bedroom. I want to fuck for hours! HOURS! I was never that way, even when the sex was great, eventually I would dry out or lose interest. This does not seem to be the case with this one. I wonder why...

He also spent the night. Interesting how I can't sleep next to anyone still. It totally blows, especially because I like the idea of spending the night with someone, but I just can't sleep for shit.