Wednesday, December 19, 2007

You Can't Play a Player!

Why do guys think they are smarter than women? True, some men may be smarter book-wise, or even street-wise, but relationship-wise they are complete dumbasses.

Oh Garry, you stupid, stupid, STUPID boy...

A brief synopsis of what occurred since the first (and only) date with Garry. I moved to a new apartment and was overly consumed with work, packing and the holidays. Then a family member of his died and he had to fly back home for the funeral/mourning period. While he was in his hometown he called me CONSTANTLY. Like, every day. We did set up a date when he got back, but he cancelled and we never got to go out again.

Here's why:

During Chanukah, Garry and one of my very close friends (let's call her Laura here) met at a party. She didn't know who he was until our other friend Dara came over and started talking to him. Laura put things together AFTER they had exchanged contact info.

So far, he hasn't done anything wrong. We are allowed to date whomever we want to.

Laura texts me and tells me about meeting him. I text him and joke that he and Laura are now all BFF. He tells me about the party, and then makes a date with me (the one that later is cancelled). All seems kosher...

He starts hitting on Laura. She tells him that she isn't comfortable with dating him while he is dating me. No offense to him, but she rather keep a close friendship than screw around with someone she barely knows.

He says, "Well, I want to just see where things go with the two of you."


Okay, here are some rules of dating that I believe all people should live by:
1) Date whomever you want, just not their friends.
2) If you find out that you like one of their friends more than them, don't string them along. Choose one, but make the decision quickly.
3) Know that friends talk. About everything. I mean EVERYTHING, so perhaps dating friends is not a good idea.
4) Don't try to pretend that you are not a player when you are. Especially when you are a crappy player, and your game is revealed REALLY early on.

Then comes the second "Dinner Speed Dating" event that Garry and I met at. He's there, I'm there, Laura's there, Dara's there, and one of my coworkers who has heard the whole saga play out is there as well. The girls mock him the entire time. He is maybe aware...we are not sure. The realizations made that night were: 1) both of us could do better and 2) he's LAME.

2 days later I'm on a date (read about it in the next post). Laura calls me and tells me about a conversation she and Garry had where he said that he finally came to a decision.

How nice of him! Too bad he's too late!