Monday, February 4, 2008

A Post That Hopefully Will Never Be Published...

I am smitten. in "I actually like a guy for real" instead of just going out because I believe you should give everyone a chance.

I write this post as a way of expressing myself in a way that can collect my memories now, when they are fresh in my head, as opposed to trying to recall them whenever I need to post this (if I need to post this).

So, Dean...we met on JDate (what a shocker) when I wasn't feeling well, but was bored, and decided to check on my profile, to see if anyone had looked at my profile. I honestly don't remember how I looked at his profile, but it said I had IMed him before and he had flirted with me before. I didn't recall ever speaking to him (or getting a flirt from him) so I was about to IM him when the IM notification rang and he was IMing me!


Okay, so I accepted the IM, and we began talking. He's tall (6'2"), cute (blond hair and blue eyes), works with autistic kids, is growing his hair for Locks of Love, is a Mets fan, and has an impressive collection of video game systems. I jokingly tell him that I will have to marry him based on the last two items I listed about him. We seem to have a connection with our senses of humor. We exchange numbers and talk on Friday. He was a welcome distraction from the cabin fever setting in from being home sick for 2 days in a row.

We set a date for Saturday (after I finally go to the doctor and get some advice and medication). We go to a kosher deli so I can eat soup (since that is all I had been eating lately), and then off to a nearby bookstore (you can tell a lot about a person by what they read). We then get into the car to figure out what to do. He and I are already at the kissing stage....I don't know what came over me, but I had to kiss him (and I did). So, we kissed for a bit (he accidentally threw the car in gear and it rolled back into another car...ooops!) and then headed off to Dave and Busters for some game play. I kicked his ass at skee ball and he kicked mine at air hockey. I somehow won a gazillion tickets from those stupid no-skill ticket giver games. We bought stupid, kitchy stuff at the gift shop. I had a ball.

Then, the best part of the night. We were driving back to my place and he said to me, "Have you ever felt like you've known someone for longer than you have?" and I responded yes, and he said to me that he felt that way with me. I agreed. This whole weird connection we seem to have is something we are both aware of.

We go back to my place. We chill for a bit, I show him the tour, we kiss every now and then. We sit on the couch. We then proceed to MAUL EACH OTHER like a bunch of freaking animals.

It was GREAT!

Biting, minor hair pulling, rough making favorite kind. All I kept thinking was "OH MY G-D, I FOUND A HEEB WHO LIKES IT ROUGH!!!!"

We took many breaks (mainly to stop before we had sex) and became MySpace friends (ah, MySpace), chatted a bit with my roommate, just talked...went back and forth between mauling and chatting.

It was awesome.

On, a side note, today he told me that he has officially told chicks on JDate "thanks, but no thanks...I'm not on the market"


Yeah...more to write (and not publish) later!